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Who can invest?

268 only accepts investments from wholesale, experienced and sophisticated investors (please see Corporations Act 2001).

What is a wholesale investor?

To be classified as a wholesale investor, you must meet one of two criteria; 1) You hold net assets worth more than $2.5 million; or 2) Your gross household annual income is at least $250,000 (this can include income from a business if you're a business owner). Otherwise you can invest more than $500,000 into the syndicate to classify as a wholesale investment.

Is my investment secure?

We are backed by Australian real estate. We are pure real estate asset investors and lenders, secured only by approved real estate securities, assessed on a case by case basis whereby the exit plan is more important than the LVR (loan to value ratio).


What is the minimum investment term?

1 Year

Are there early exit fees?

If you would like to withdraw during the minimum withdrawal period you will be charged an early withdrawal fee. The minimum withdrawal amount is $50,000 and the cost for this service is equal to 2.0% of the withdrawn amount below $100,000 and 1.5% above $100,000.


What criteria is used to assess where the fund invests into?

We have stringent assessment metrics to ensure a maximum LVR of 68% in all loans (72% with additional real estate security). Our team adhere to strict assessment checks on contingencies, valuations, presales, credit worthiness as well as many internal and external factors.


When do my returns get paid?

Monthly returns are distributed to clients within 14 days of the end of each month.

Can I invest in more than one Fund?

Yes. We can arrange a time to discuss what best suits your needs.

What information will I receive during my investment?

You will receive quarterly investor reports and fund valuation updates as well we run monthly audits and reviews to ensure security and transparency for all investors.

What happens if a development is delayed?

The loan will be repaid upon the completion of the development. There will be interest and costs accrued from the borrower and the fund will endeavour to pay the agreed monthly interest rate.

How do I invest?

Please email to receive your application form. Following acceptance of your application and the receipt of investment funds, you will be issued with an investment certificate certifying your investment, interest rate, payment dates etc, in accordance with the individual fund.


Is there a minimum amount I can investment?

$100,000 is the minimum investment

What does it cost me upfront to invest?


Can I request my money back before the expiry of the loan term?

Should you require earlier repayment, we can advise approximate return of loans by our lawyers. Please contact us to organise this.

Can 268 help me choose the investment?

We offer investors and their advisors presentations at our offices to review our funds and discuss what is right for them. We also offer custom strategies for investments over $1m.


Will my name be on the title of the mortgage investment?

This can be arranged, depending on the product. Please contact our team to learn more –


Can I re-invest my monthly income?

Yes you are welcome to reinvest. Please contact us to make those arrangements.


What risks are associated with investing in mortgages?

Mortgages are generally considered a low risk investment as they are backed by tangible assets. We have a strict minimum 68% valuation limit on mortgage lending, incase the Australian real estate market changes, we are conservative to reduce the risk of loss on the investment. Please see information memorandum for more details.

How do I withdraw my investment from the Fund?

Please email with your Investor Number, and details regarding the request. A member of our team will contact you regarding your request.

What happens if a loan goes into default?

268 Fund will work with the borrower to find a solution as quickly as possible. No legal action will be taken until the construction of the project related to the loan has been completed. We may assist to complete the project by appointing a project manager to support the completion of the project.

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NOTE: We are not advisors. We ask all investors to seek professional independent accounting and legal advice on their investment strategy. We are happy to meet with your advisor to review and discuss our funds operations.